Dent Removal Question from Greg Blatt

Submitted on 22/05/2012

Dear Clean Image, Hope you can help? Someone has crashed or reversed into the front passenger door of my 2005 Peugeot 307, please see pictures attached, I realise it's quite a large dent but I would like to get it rectified if at all possible without claiming on my insurance! Their is also a small area where the paint has chipped off where the top kink in the door is, the other scratches should wash and polish out without too much effort, I think? If you don't undertake any paint work that's fine just quote me on the dent removal, please. Please let me know your thoughts and costs involved if you think you can fix this for me? Many Thanks! Greg Blatt Model: Peugeot 307s - 2005


Theres no temporary way to fix that. You maybe able to buy a complete door from a breaker, then have someone who knows what they are doing to fit it.

If you wanted to make it cheap, then I would suggest you work hard to find a door the same colour. Sometimes they won't match perfectly even if they still have the factory paint on them. If you search on ebay for breaking 307, then get on the phone. You can also do a save this search. Its a small link at the top of the page on ebay.

We use Have a read of this page, then go through the links to their website. They will be able to help. I would suggest you take a run over there and show them before you go and get the door just to make sure you doing the right thing.

Good Luck

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