Wheel Refurbishment Question from ASHOK YADAV

Submitted on 23/09/2008

All my wheels leak badly. I loose about 10 psi air pressure within a weeks time.Rims are badly corroded from inside where tire seats. I had them cleaned and glued. This helped a bit except one wheel which still leaks. I would like to get it refurbished . Please help me if you can. Model: 1999 Mercury sable

Hi Ashok,

The kind of refurbishing we do is unlikely to help. I'd say you probably need an engineering firm, or specialist wheel company to take them apart, clean them up by bead blasting, refurb them inside-and-out and then put them back together, checking for leaks as they do so.

I'd recommend one of the companies at the bottom of this page, but it looks like you may be in another country judging from the make of your car and telephone number.

I have no idea what a Mercury Sable is, but as it's going on 10 years old, you may find that it's not ecconomically viable to do this when balanced against the value of the car unless this car is customized and/or especially sought after. So a better option may be to buy replacement wheels.


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