Odour Removal Question from Neehar Hariname

Submitted on 10/03/2013

Hi, I am planning tp buy a 2004 Jeep cherokee which has a lot of cigaratte odour and dog odour. How much should I expect to spend if I want ot get rid of these odour. The seats a leather and suede in cream. there are no tear marks to the leather except it needs clean up. I am in Harrow and considering buying this car as the engine and exterior is on good condition. thanks Model: Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland

Hi Neehar

Thank you for your question.

If the cars interior is clean and doesn't require any in depth cleaning work, Then one of our 4 odor removal services will do the trick. Its not always essential to clean the car to remove odors.

The dog smell is difficult to remove, often its a mistake to valet the interior as damp/wet cleaning cloths pick up the smell and move it around the rest of the car.

If the dog smell is particularly bad then it would be worth giving the car a full internal clean, we use enzymes which are pretty good at eliminating this type of smell.

If you click here you will be directed to our odor removal page.

Its difficult to give you approx figures for this type of work, internal valets start from £100.00 inclusive, we work on an appraisal based system so if you can bring the car in I can be of better help. You will find all the odor removal prices on the linked page.

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