Upholstery Question from Steven Saviille

Submitted on 19/05/2013

I have recently bought a 2001 Mercedes SLK that has a couple of issues I would like fixed. One is a hole in the seat leather and the other is an odd problem with the carpet by the drivers feet (see attached pictures). The top layer of the carpet seems to have been removed somehow. The previous owner had bought it like this and has no idea how it got into this condition. I am not after a pristine repair or a whole new carpet – just something that would make it look a lot better. Is this something that you could do ? I live in Eastcote, Middlesex. Model: Mercedes SLK 230 2001

Hi Steven

Thank you for your question

From what I have seen in your photos, I would recommend a vehicle trimmer/upholsterer.

The hole is in a high wear area, our repair methods may not last because of this.

In regards to the carpet you are correct in saying its odd, again I think a trimmer would be best. 

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