Odour Removal Question from Kylin Pieper

Submitted on 04/08/2013

We've just purchased this vehicle a few days ago...we had been told there was no smoking done inside the car by the previous owner, but of course now after several days there is a smoke odour that seems to be getting stronger. It seems to be really around the driver area, especially the seat (I'm sure this is the typical place!). The car was spotless when it was picked up and there are no obvious ashes anywhere. We're quite a ways from your location but you seem to be the only shop around that really specializes in odour removal. Since we'll be driving a little over an hour and a half, I'm wondering how long the Double Fog + Bio-active or Antimicrobial + Targeted Injections service takes to complete? We'd like to start a little more full force in the attack on the odour since it's quite a distance to drive! I'd love to receive your opinion and find out more about how long this service takes. Thank you! Kylin Model: 2007 VW Golf GT TDI

Hi Kylin

Thank you for your question, I'm afraid this is common.

Before taking ownership of the car it should have been cleaned, the smoke odour would have been masked, meaning you wouldn't have smelt it during the first days of ownership. Whatever has masked the odour will be deteriorating.

It may not be nessasary to carry out the process that includes target injections. What I would advise (without seeing the Golf) is a thorough inside clean, including headline with odour process 4.

We appraise the car on arrival so if anything needs to change its no problem.

Your VW would have to be with us for a good part of the day so would be completed within 1 day.

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