Odour Removal Question from peter doggett

Submitted on 17/03/2014

I am thinking of purchasing a car that has previously had dogs in it. I am severely allergic to dogs - if I go into a car or house with one in it I swell up like a balloon. With a complete full interior valet is is possible to remove, 100% of all traces a dog has rver been in there, that is the smell, dander, fur etc? Thanks Pete Model: nissan qashqai

Peter I'm afraid a good valet will not do this. When we get a car with dog hairs in, we usually recommend at least three good vacuums. Let me explain. The first good vacuum will take out around 90% of the hairs. The second good vacuum would take out about 90% of the remaining hairs. And so on. As for the smell, this would need to be tackled in a different way. We deal with cars with smell problems on a daily basis. In most instances we get the job done right the first time, however we sometimes underestimate the problem. Particularly when the owner has bought the car in that they don't really know. If the car has been bought used, then they can be unknown smell sources. The spillage between the seats can be very difficult to detect when the overall smell of dogs is overpowering. You see with odour removal you have to remove the source of the problem, as well as the areas that have been affected need to be cleaned with a specialist deodorising product. In the instance of dogs, we would use an enzyme product which works at a microscopic level. So just simply cleaning would not always work. So if the car fits your specification and you just simply can't buy another one like it? Then I will suggest that you take the dog hairs and the odour just a little bit more serious. If you go on our site and look at the tab odour removal, you will find the DIY section as well as the options we do to treat the odour. And on our valeting section, we simply do extra vacuum options. Normally we would encourage our customers to do the second to vacuums themselves. Good luck

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