Accident Clean-up Question from nicholas viberg

Submitted on 09/04/2014

Hi, My Car has started leaking rainwater since yesterday, the water gathers in the Passenger front footwell and only there. There was alot of water yesterday after heavy rain for a few hours, probably a litre of water on the rubber mat, and the textile mat under it is probably soaked with a few litres in total aswell. The cars textile mat on the passenger side is not wet on the edges or towards the door or middle of the car, neither is it wet under the passenger seat. The water drain holes near the wiper arms are NOT clogged, my saab 9-3 has the water guard plastic plate on top of the cabin filter intake area and the cabin filter is dry. Any ideas what this could be? Regards, Nicholas Model: Saab 9-3 SportSedan 2004

Nicolas it may be a leaky screen? You need an air at all to blow the screen around the inside, whilst you have bubbly water on the outside. If you lightly push the screen, this sometimes help break the seal a little. Or if the car has a sunroof? Then sometimes the drainpipes can be blocked. The water then just overflows onto the plastic trim that runs down the inside of the screen. Although this trend usually looks fabric, he is just usually coated plastic. So the water can travel down it and make its way to the football. Or if you take off the scuttle area, which means that you would probably need to remove the wipers. Then you are in a recess area where the wiper mechanism works. This area usually has drain holes. Sometimes they let the water into the wings, or sometimes they let the water back into the engine compartment. They often get blocked with leaves and debris. To test this, you may want to put a hose pipe in this area and see if the water backs up. If it does, then the water can often run down the inside of the bulkhead (this is the bit where your feet go) under the carpet. The water will then feel the full well without you seeing it until it's visible. If that makes any sense?

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