Smart Repairs Question from Jonthan Weller

Submitted on 25/04/2014

Please see the attached photo of some rust right above the front windscreen on our car. Its about an 1' - 1.5' square in size. Is this something that you can sort and what would the sort of cost be? Its a 2008 Ford S-Max with a heated front windscreen and metallic paint finish if that helps. If you need any other details please just let me know Model: Ford S-Max

Jonathan to repair that properly, the windscreen will have to come out and the whole roof will need to be re-sprayed. This will need to be done at a body shop. If you just want to help stop it getting any worse, you could scrape off the scab, and then touch it in with a zinc primer or other kind that is designed to hold back rust. And then touch in with the original colour. You would have to do this once a year as the anti-rust primers don't really work over the long term. It won't actually look any better, but if you manage it, you can manage it for a number of years. Reflecting on how this may have happened, it may have been caused by a stone, or if it's had a new screen in its life, then the rust may be coming from behind the screen. If you look down the gap, you may see if the rust is coming from there. If this is the case, then it may be wise to take it back to the screen company that fitted it (even if it's a couple of years ago) and see if they will fix it for you. Over the years I've seen many rust lines along the top of the screen. This is caused when the technician hasn't applied the proper primer around the edge before fitting the new screen. Good luck.

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