Dent Removal Question from Roy Clark

Submitted on 15/04/2015

Hello, I would like to know if the dents shown in the attached photos can be removed and at what cost on both a single dent removal basis and a basis whereby all of them are removed. I am located in the Canary Wharf area. Photo 1: Shows four dents which I would like removed. Photo 2 & 3: Focus on dent below rear passenger door on the sill. By far the most visible but I am unsure whether this can be removed via a paintless dent removal procedure. It looks like it should be able to pop out without much issue if you can gain access to it. Photo 4: Parking ding below door handle and very similar ding from a rock on top of front wheel arch (could not get a clear photo of this but it looks similar, if not less noticeable) Photo 5: Same as photo 4. Photo 6: Same as photo 4. Photo 7: Ding on rear passenger door but could not get a good photo. Less noticeable than the ding below the door handle but similar in type. Photo 8: Small pin dent which is hard to see in photos but easier to see in person. Model: 2004 Mazda RX-8


Some of those dents I think can be removed using Paint Less Dent Removal and some I think might not.

So I think its worth coming in to see what we can do what we can.  Or if you wanted to call me.

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