Odour Removal Question from Shelby Reason

Submitted on 12/05/2015

My wife had a gallon of milk burst in our car. I watched your video on YouTube and removed as much of the milk as possible with my wetvac. I live in the USA. Can you recommend a manufacturer of bioactive enzymes in the US that I could purchase? Very nice video - Thank you. Model: 2009 Volvo S-40


Ok so that's quite a difficult one. My suggestion is to see if you can find a car from a breakers,  replace the parts that milk has soaked into. Or if you can put them into a washing machine with a bio logical laundry liquid. Or try washing the parts in a bath, Soak them  in hot water  (thirty seven point five degrees,  then move the water at least twenty times.  Don't put them back into the car until they are completely fine. Was the metal parts of the car with the same. Then cover the metal with bicarbonate of soda. Call me if you need any help.


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