Dent Removal Question from cliff Walker

Submitted on 22/11/2008

I am in Lewisham, SE13 6AA HI, I own a Volvo C30 in Brilliant White, or was brilliant white until some mug scratched it and dented it. I have noted a dent on the drivers doors just underneath the wing mirror. Where the dent is, there also seems to be a scratch on its surface. I was wondering if you guys would be happy to look at the dent for me. It seems quite small, but having spoken to a chap yesterday, he said that you may not get it out as it looks like a crease dent, which he says are hard to do. Basically I am very anal about quality of finish and considering that the car is only a month old, I am livid with the bloke who did this. Can these dent be taken out to look like it was never there There are also a further 3 scratches that I would like looked at,. but not sure if your company does this too. I have tried to take photos but the images did not come up well at all. Finally I wanted to know whether you advise to get the dent sorted first or to do the scratches first. Which would make more sense? Model: vOLVO c30

Hi Cliff,

Creased dents can be very awkward to do, and some dent men are put off by them as there can be a high failiure rate. But our man is very good and is usually willing to have a go at these. Of course, we would like to see the car first, or at least some photos.

So the answer is yes, we would take a look at your car.

We can also remove scratches if they aren't through the lacquer. It doesn't really matter what gets done first... if we can do them, then hopefully we'd get it all done together.

As you have a little way to travel, I'd suggest you have another go at taking some photos. It can be difficult to take photos of a white car, but you could try putting some masking tape near the damaged area, this will give the camera something to focus on.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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