Accident Clean-up Question from A Hay

Submitted on 06/11/2016

A week ago my neighbour's car got a slight mist of old (paraffin wax based) Thompson's Water Seal on it, my fault. They told me 4 days later, so it had dried. I have bladed the screen and used mainly WD40 on it, newspaper polished it, cleaned it, and this seems to have done the trick. I have also used Acetone, Amberclens & white spirit on the windows,with success. Obviously avoiding the seals etc. I would like to continue onto the roof and bonnet, probably with just elbow grease & WD40?? but they would prefer me to pay for a detailer as they say a guarantee would be in place. Help, please advise -we are in Cumbria, near Carlisle, and I have quite a bit of experience with bodywork etc, but not a lot of cash ! Thanks. Model: Citroen C1? Silver 07 model

A Hay I would suggest you talk to your house insurance company, then explain that you don't want to make a claim at this stage, then you can call them if you need them. Talk to your neighbour and see if you can find a specialist supplier of can cleaning products, see if they have a product that will remove the problem, without damaging the paintwork. We like Autosmart. If they do, then maybe you and your neighbour can clean it off, then finish it off with a good car wax. Then the car end up better than before as well as you will be the perfect neighbour. If it still doesn't come off, then the trade supplier should be able recommend a mobile valeter that might be able to help. If your neighbour pays or maybe meets you half way, then you could do something for them. If your valet expert can't get it off, you can then call your insurance. Or lastly, bring the car to us and we will show you how to get it off and what to use. We would charge £42 per hour for this. Then you could do most of the job and we could help. We also charge £6 per hour for specialist materials. Let us know how you get on.

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