Dent Removal Question from Jonathan Weatherley

Submitted on 27/11/2008

Hi, I live in the Halstead (Essex) area and have recently purchased the above mentioned car. It has an approx 150mm long indentation in the form of a line on the passengers side front wing (see photo). I'm thinking about getting this sorted out. Is it something you could rectify? If so, please could you let me know how much a repair would cost, when you could repair it, how long it would take etc. The car also has a line of rust (approx 40mm long x 4mm wide) near the rear light cluster (drivers side- see photo). Would you be able to repair that? If so, again, please could you let me know how much it would cost etc. Furthermore, there are several scuff marks on the front alloy wheel (drivers side) particularly around the perimeter. Again, please could you let me whether you could repair this. how much it would cost etc.etc. I look forward to hearing from you. P.S. Seemed to have trouble uploading picture of rust mark. Can send this to you separately via email if required. Model: Honda Civic SE Sport (51/'02)


Your pictures haven't come out properly, however that doesn't matter. You need to go to a bodyshop to deal with the rust. Rust needs to be taken seriously  if not completely removed before repainting then it will just come back. I would suggest you ask the bodyshop about the dent while you are there, It sounds like a job for them too. You could try taking more pictures. We recommend or you could try these two articles here and 

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