Modern Car Restoration Question from Kate Williams

Submitted on 13/08/2017

Hello again New Again You guys did the respray of my then Toyota MR2, back in 2013. I now have a much larger car (2+2 - woo!) cabriolet but which has varying levels of issues. The below is a Google Drive link to about 20+ photos highlighting: Outer PU with damage on both sides Rubber seal shrinkage/replacement Front bumper stuffs Rear o/s wheel arch paint crack 5cms Driver's door - dropped, rust bubble, edge/lip has paint damage/cracks Passenger door - dent close to wing mirror Wing mirrors paint pitted Headlight shrouds cracked near the screw holes Rear bumper - lacquer has peeling Interior - seat leather fronts, piping and handbrake need work I'm sure there are other things that will need doing in time, but my goal for the interim is to get the side PU/rocker panels looking a lot better. I look forward to hearing from you. Kind regards Kate Model: Porsche 968 cabriolet - best way to repair my car?

Kate Interesting car. We did one of theses a couple of years ago. Then a month or two later i saw one the same in a car article showing it as in the list of future classics. The article was saying they were now going up in value. Ok so i think its worth having a good look at it. Some of those things in the pictures are relatively straight forward to do, and some are going to be a bit more difficult. So you may want to take a view and spend your money wisely. I would suggest you bring it down with a view to see what makes sense to do and what can wait. Or what can be improved without spending a fortune. Lets focus on making it look pretty and at the same time, try to stop some of those possible problems later. Just give us a call with a view on bringing it down.

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