Detailing Question from Jill Blair

Submitted on 03/12/2008

My car's dashboard has a matt finish, but all the products leave it gloss. What can I use? Kind Regards Jill Model: Hyundi Coupe

Dear Gill,

My wife favours a product called Bugsaway. But any household surface cleaner/detergent will do.

We do not like to use any dressings on dashboards, at best they tend to accumulate into a sticky mess over time, at worse they can cause reflection up onto the windscreen which can impair vision and be very dangerous. So we always recommend just to clean them with soapy water and a damp cloth. We use a multipurpose cleaner that we buy in huge quantities and use for lots of different things, but really any surface cleaner will do, it doesn’t have to be especially for cars.

However, I have to warn you of the risks of cleaning dashboards… we have known water to get into the cracks, run down the back of the dash and damage electrical components. This can be hugely expensive if it effects airbag control units and similar. It’s not all cars that can be a problem, most are fine, but it pays to be cautious.
So, we always advise against spraying any product directly onto the dashboard or door panels. Instead, spray it onto your cloth. Make sure your cloth is just damp and not sopping wet, and you should have no problems.

Another thing you can use is babywipes. These eliminate all the problems mentioned above, and they are a handy thing to keep in the car anyway.

I hope that helps,


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