Paintwork Correction Question from [email protected]

Submitted on 17/06/2008

Hi I've just done something stupid - following a break in to my car in which my window was smashed, I taped up the window with a bin liner and duck tape. Later I couldn't easily remove the duck tape and so used the wong side of a pan sponge cleaner and have dulled the paint work round the edge of the window. Can this be easily fixed? Susan W Model: Peugot 206

Dear Susan,

Don't worry, you aren't the first, and won't be the last. A lot of people assume that the paint on a car would be tough as it is outside all the time, when actually it's really soft. The enviro-friendly paints they use now are softer than ever, and it's now got to the point where we would recommend throwing away those 'bug sponges' because they are too rough and causes scratches.

The good news is that it can usually be fixed.
It's not something you can do yourself with a bottle of polish from Halfords, but it can be machine polished out.  If you take a look at this article on Wet Sanding, it should set your mind at ease... Wet Sanding isn't something we do every day of the week, but it's quite a common proceedure for removing scratches. Now I'm not saying that your car will need wet sanding, although it might. But as you can imagine, rubbing sand paper over a car's paintwork is far more severe that rubbing it over with a plastic scourer, and yet we are able to polish it smooth to a 'like new' finish.

Without inspecting it, I can't guarantee 100% that we can do it, we have seen a couple of cars where somebody has used a really harsh scourer and just kept on rubbing until they have gone through the paintwork, in which case you would need the area re-painted. And it's also very difficult for us to get the edge of our polishing machines into deep recesses of some panelwork, but on the whole, we are able to do 99% of these kind of jobs.

It's very difficult to put a price on this without seeing it, but I would think it would be £25-£75.

Having just talked to Keiran about this, it appears that we actually have a BMW with a similar problem in the workshop at the moment. I'll take some photos and post them up here later when it's done.

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