Dent Removal Question from Shelley Chambers

Submitted on 06/12/2008

Hi. I'm in Gillingham in Kent. My car has a dent in the bonnet about the size of the heel of a hand where, I think, someone has tried to close it. The crease is about 2cm from the edge of the bonnet. There does not appear to be any easy access to the back of the dent, is this repairable? Model: Ford Fiesta Ghia

Basically, a dent like this devalues the car by quite a bit, and the cost of a repair and paint is going to run into hundreds of pounds, so if it can be done with paintless dent repair, then -- it's certainly worth having a go!

But it is a tricky one and I can't guarantee we can get it 100%, mainly because there is a problem with access and it is very close to the seam, which will be double thickness.

Just for the record, if you have braces in the way, or a dent is otherwise within a sealed box section, what can be done is that you can punch a hole into the metal in a discreet area. We can then insert a rod to manipulate out the dent. Afterwards the hole is sealed and made waterproof.
In this case we could punch a small hole (about 5mm) into the brace which is under the bonnet and so won't be seen. This may well allow us to get to the dent, if you would be prepared to allow this.
Obviously, punching holes in the metalwork is not ideal, but there is no adverse effect to the car.

[Edit] I have been told to make it clear, that this is not how dents are removed as a  general rule, and we hardly ever need to do it... and we never do it without the owner's permission.

I think this one will take longer than normal, so it will be somewhere between £80 - £100 to do, all our standard guarantees apply. If we can't get an 80% improvement, there is no charge.
If we can get more than 80% improvement, but you find you just can't live with the imperfection, and decide to have a bodyshop repair, then show us the reciept and we'll give you a full refund.

Please give us a call if you would like us to book your car in.

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