Upholstery Question from RUPERT HICKMAN

Submitted on 09/12/2008

my car has RR badges on the C post and is also fitted with an everflex roof ,Someone has tried to prise off the badges and has slightly damaged the vinyl roof [worst side has a split approximately 15mm long ]I will be happy to take off the badbes and refit them after the repair . I am based in SWINDON WILTS Hope you can help Model: RR SHADOW 2

Believe it or not, you are the second person who has asked this today! And I do get this question a few times a year, and until now, I've never found a solution...

Coach Trimmers used to do loads of this kind of work, but roofs like these are not that common these days, nor are trimmers, and very few of them are interested in this kind of work.

But Barton & Son will do it.

For the record (because other people will be looking for this answer), The PVC roof cannot be repaired, much like interior PVC, leather or fabric cannot actually be repaired. However, it can be replace. In this case, I'm told that you are likely to need a whole new roof covering, which will be about £800.

Malcom at Barton & Son tells me that he used to do about 2 per week at one time, and he was doing it for Rolls-Royce. So he is definitely the man for the job... although the company is a fair way away from us, we have seen their work and it is first class... we cannot recommend them highly enough.


P.S. I'd love to know how you got on.

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