Upholstery Question from Chris Woffinden

Submitted on 13/12/2008

i have a large cigarette burn on the back seat of my car, very similar to the one in your picture. I was wondering how much a repair on this would cost from all the different options. Please could you get back to me and give me an idea of how much this could be. Cheers Chris Model: Daewoo Lacetti

Dear Chris,

I'm not sure which picture you are refering to, as this Q&A application doesn't tell me which page you were on when you filled out the form.

There are a few ways to deal with cigarette burns.
The first is to just sew up the damage. This is something we do fo customers who have brought their cars to us for other work. But it is not an invisible repair, and it's not something that only we can do! Anybody who is good with a needle and thread can do the same thing... you may want to have a go yourself. If the seat has a pattern, this method can work pretty well ans can be hardly noticable unless you are looking for it.
We normally charge about £20 to do this.

The second kind of repair is to put glue into the whole and place fibres over the top. This is not a very long lasting repair if it's on a wear area, and we wouldn't recommend it on a back seat, it's much better on the backs of seats and headlinings.

The third method is done by a trimmer and shown on this page. On a back seat, this is probably the best option, although it's not always possible on some cars as somtimes they glue the fabric covering to the foam base of the seat. But if it can be done, it would cost about £50-£60.

You can find some links to trimmers that we recommend further down the page under "Related Subjects".

I hope that helps

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