Detailing Question from Christopher Blackman

Submitted on 21/12/2008

I recently had my car made 'new again' by yourselves. But have recently noticed a problem and it appears to be getting worse. You detailed the wheels and sealed them with a product called Inno-x, which you have given me a can, I've not used it yet as I fear that it is affecting my wheels. I am getting streaks and patches of black tar material which is proving nearly impossible to shift! My wheels have always been a bit of a chore to clean and I was advised this product would make it easier, which on the whole it does, however I'm getting these unsightly marks, that do not want to budge. I've attached a picture which hopefully explains all. Can you advise the best course of action please. Many thanks, Chris Model: Honda Integra Type R (DC5)


We have been deliberating, and honestly we don't know what has caused this, we haven't seen anything like it before. We don't think it is anything to do with the Innox, it may be exactly what you said it was, some kind of tar, or maybe oil or brake fluid?

Any way, I would sugest removing it using a polish, and then using the Innox to reseal the area. If you are fairly near by, pop in and see us and we'll do this for you. I'm sure that whatever it is was on the backs of the wheels before we valeted it... so we have probably got it off once, we can do so again.



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