Dent Removal Question from David Grimwood

Submitted on 08/01/2009

Some *$!%# booted my lil baby! Theres a dent in it but its not seriously creased, scratched or folded. It simply had just been pushed in but not too bent. Its just a clio and so i think its a plastic trim, should be easy to fix but halfords have said it is too big. Other bodywork places seem to be wanting to rip me off. The pictures are hard to see because of the light and look much worse than in real life. The marks are not scratches but scuffed wax. I am from Dartford! I am looking for a quote. Model: renault clio

Dear David,

For once, Halfords are right (I still can't get over the adverts they are currently showing!). The area at the top of the dent is virtually impossible to get out, and even if you could, the chances are the paint would crack while trying to remove it.

As far as I know, most cars that have plastic panels still have a metal shell, and this rear quarter makes up part of the shell - I think that on a clio, it's the front end that is plastic, even the doors are still metal... but I could be wrong.

Anyway, to fix this properly, a bodyshop is going to have to strip out enough of the interior to be able to panel-beat this dent out as near to the origional shape as possible. They will then skim the area with filler and re-paint. In order to make the repair invisible they will have to blend into the door, so they will need to paint the next panel too.

So it is quite a big job, and fairly expensive to do I'm afraid. I would expect most good bodyshop to be charging in the region of £350-£600.


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