Lease Car Advice Question from Robert Helliwell

Submitted on 26/02/2009

In March 2007 i leased a Mazda 3 over a 4 Year period.Can you tell me if I'am leagally bound after completing half the term lease by returning the vehicle to the leasing company.Also would there be any penalties incurred by doing this ? I would be looking to continue to car lease either with the same company or another lease company. R Helliwell Gloucester Model: Mazda 3 1.6 ts

Hi Robert,

We cannot give leagal advice... I would suggest you just phone the lease company you are with and ask them about your options. I would think that they would probably be happy to talk to you without you giving your details if you feel better about doing it this way.

But chances are... there would be penalties for an early return. But if you work with the company, they may be prepared to do some kind of deal that sweetens the pill.


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