Dent Removal Question from Bret Hester

Submitted on 05/05/2009

Hello, Can you please let me know if the attached dent is rectifiable, I've had various people in the trade tell me different stories - Deff a repaint too large and has some straight line deforming in the middle - Then some say paintless dent removal possible amazing work can be performed etc.. Is the dent in a fixable place? It's fairly large was a door from a 4x4. Also I have two alloy wheels in need of repair the worst damage is in the attached photo. The second wheel has *very minor* edging again just on the edge but very slight. How good are your repairs on alloy wheels you hear stories about these repairs are just for fourcourt and the first winter season will cause repair to flake... I'm also looking to get the best low maintenance paint sealant applied, The car although now 3.5 years old has had a fairly easy life 14k Miles stored underground, high pressure washed weekly. I dont; think it needs a lot of preparation but I notice the sills and lower edges are getting harder to clean. The car also has a pan roof so sealer application should be minimised no roof polishing. It's also got a light grey interior with MBTEX seats, I'd like to at least get the carpets cleaned and mats cleaned. Can you work me out a deal for all the above work? Regards, Bret Model: W203 Mercedes coupe.


Your dent looks an easy dent to do unless theres limited access in which case if we can't do it we dont charge. Our dent man is one of the best in the country so if he can't do it then i dont think you will find it can be done. Your wheels are easy and no our wheels won't fade or flake. Yes we have seen those wheels which just haven't been done properly. We are going to do an article on what they look like after a couple of weeks or months.

We do a range of sealant's, you could choose which one you want on the day.

  We do an advanced booking offer if you book three weeks ahead. We would need your car for long day or if you wanted you could leave it here longer.

So heres our contact number if you would like to book.

Kind Regards
 The New Again Team


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