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Submitted on 07/06/2009

Hi I live near Pinner in Middlesex, so quite far from you. I have some questions I hope you can answer before I decide to come to yourselves. I just bought a black Nissan Pathfinder, and it needs a little attention. Its nothing major, but I would like to try and get it to showroom condition or better if I can, as long as its within my budget! Thare are a few scratches on the car: rear bumper 2-3 scratches within the same area from 3 to 10 cm's long: front bumper 2 scratch about 12cm long: a collection of 7-8 scratches within the same area over the wheelarch only visible when you open the passenger rear door: probably 3 small single scratches on other panels between 2-6cm long. Interiorly the plastic trim in areas is scratched...not sure if it could be reduced during the valeting or not. Carpets and mats not badly dirty, but would probably need shampooing and cleaning. interior roof fabric has marks on it and would probably need cleaning. A good valet is needed. I would like to try and have the car gleaming if possible with a machine buff. I've been told that a good machine buff may get rid of some of the finer scratches anyway. As you can probably tell, i am a little fussy and i would like to try to get the car to look like new! Obviously i understand its not, and there may be limitations, but as near as possible would be nice! I have just forked out a lot of money for the car, so my budget is not very big. I would appreciate it if you could give me some advice and a very rough idea of approximate cost to achieve what i am after, and also how long it would take and how soon you can do it. Obviously it would be easier for me if it could be done in a day due to the distance. Sorry for long winded email! I look forward to hearing from you very soon. Many Thanks. Ali Model: Nissan Pathfinder


Its almost impossible to advise you without pictures.

If you could send some or call us we maybe able to help.

If you were to book in and then when you get here you could spend what you were comfortable with.


Kind regards
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