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Submitted on 08/06/2009

Hey Guys: Just a bit of advice really, just bought myself a nearly new Toyota prius, which is a lovely dark metallic grey, and I've always been a bit fanatical when it comes to cleaning the car, however as we do get ALLOT of rain up in scotland i feel the need to protect the car as much as possible and have always been a fan of AutoGlym products, i have pretty much all there products in the shed!. When it comes to polishing and waxing i have HD WAX, Ultra Deep Shine, and Extra Gloss Protection i can use but could you please tell my if i'm better off using HD WAX on it own, of a combination of all three as some people seem to suggest that the extra gloss protection won't bond to the wax so i might be better off using ultra deep shine or all three! Thanks in advance Ross Gilvear Model: Toyota Prius


Ill do my best

Hd wax is a finishing wax and is great for the enthusiast its a pleasure to use and surprisingly easy, and the results are great on the dark cars. I would take an educated guess that you would expect to get around the same life as the ultra deep shine which i would say would be around three months in the summer and four in the winter (its the sun that usually evaporates them) The extra gloss protection would almost certainly remove most of it, as it as a lot of solvent in it, so i would stick to using your ultra deep shine followed by the ultra deep gloss  protection. The  Ultra Deep Shine usually adds an extra month or two to the protection and makes the car very slippery and easy to clean.

I hope this helps

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