Dent Removal Question from Julie Edwards

Submitted on 09/06/2009

Hi I live in Cobham, Surrey and am interested in your valet services and dent removal services. The valet, I am looking for interior and exterior - nothing fancy, just sufficient to give it a boost as I am selling my car. I've attached the dents I'd like repairing. I suspect the one in boot is from a wheelie bin, and the light dents in roof, I've no idea. They are not deep or obvious - and I must say, are hard to photograph but hopefully you have enough to see... Look forward to hearing from you. Thanks Julie Model: Renault Clio

Dear Julie

I would suggest you call us and book it in for the valet, which we should be able to do in a day. Then we can get our dent man to try to do your dents on the same day. If you book, can you please quote your question number, then we will need to piggyback the dents because the rear one is a bit on the big side, and roof dents are often difficult to get access  to. We don't charge for trying and you may want to read our money back guarantee. 

We can get your boot resprayed if  PDR (paintless dent removal) doesn't work but i would suggest you do your sums as to whether its worth it (It depends on the value of the car). The company we use We would gladly book your car in, but it would be about a week or two ahead, and we  would also need your car for a few days to do it.  I would recommend reading our Sellers guide  to help you decide.

You may choose to do this at a good bodyshop near you, then you can decide if you think it will pay you to do it, or simply sell the car for less.


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