Getting rid of car odours for good


What is nicer than driving a fresh, clean vehicle? On the other hand, how distracting is it to put up with bad odours, especially if you struggle to find the source? With New Again you can find a fast, effective service. Our team provides the most reliable odour removal Chelmsford has to offer. Whatever the problem or age of the vehicle, we can refresh it for you.

Getting rid of car odours for good
Using a fogging machine to spray antibacterial deodourant to remove odours.

Where do the smells come from?

It is incredible how many different odours you can find in a car. You may buy a vehicle and not even realise it has a smell. Even if it is brand new, that fresh new plastic smell and interior might be off putting. If it is a used car, you may have to deal with things like old cigarette smoke, pet smells, vomit, fuel, or even spilled drinks and old food. These odours can get worse and worse the older the vehicle gets.

A big issue with odours is they can get even stronger if it is a hot day or if it has been very wet and there has been any kind of dampness in the interior. In normal circumstances you may not smell anything, but when the conditions change the odour can be released.

What to do about it?

Most people try to clean the interior themselves to try to get rid of bad smells. While this may work, the odours may be coming from things that are trapped deep in the upholstery. As a result you may not be able to get rid of them with a quick clean.

A better option is to choose our professional service. We have experience working on a wide array of different cars. More importantly, we have access to lots of weird and wonderful products and machines to get rid of the odours. As a result we can get to the root of the problem and get rid of it. Even the worst smells like damp or sour old spilled milk or alcohol are no challenge for us.

If you want to book the best odour removal Chelmsford can offer, contact New Again. Our services provide great value for money and will leave every vehicle feeling, and smelling fresh.

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