It pays to keep your car's leather interior in shape


Have you ever heard of connolising? All those wonderful old Rolls-Royce's, Jaguars and Rovers of yesteryear had their leather supplied by Connolly Leather Limited. Connolly Leather also became known as the name in which the leather was treated.

It pays to keep your car's leather interior in shape
Over time, your leather seats can develop deep creases and cracks. Believe it or not, we can make this look like a new seat

We are proud to be the best provider of vehicle leather connollising Chelmsford has. This service includes several techniques to refinish and recondition leather upholstery. To guarantee results that will last, we make use of those coatings and colours that have been tried and tested.

Like most drivers, you probably spend a large amount of your time behind the wheel. When you have such a busy routine, it is easy for the interior to deteriorate. This is even more likely if it is leather.

While it is a durable material, you need to take care of leather to prevent issues like tears, cracking, and discolouration. Luckily, with expert services like ours, you will be able to make your car look like it has an entirely new interior. By taking the time to see a professional, you also get results superior to those you would produce at home.

We are going to reveal some of the benefits of looking after the leather interior of a car to show just how vital it is.

Reducing wear and tear

When you forget to attend to your car's interior, the material can start to look poor. Spills, dust, and dirt are all capable of wearing the leather away. If you leave the vehicle in direct sunlight, it can also cause the leather to fade and crack. The discolouration and damage will be really unattractive. With proper maintenance though and professional connolising the material can look brand new.

Once leather starts to crack and dry out, it can deteriorate very rapidly to the point where that leather needs to be replaced. It's a cost-effective to maintain your leather with regular maintenance using feeds, creams and protective coatings, and then repairing any wear and damage with connollising. 

Health issues

Something else you will be able to do is avoid a myriad of health issues. When someone gets behind the wheel of their car, they move into an enclosed setting. The vehicle could be full of dirt and dust. If it is, the particles can create terrible air quality inside. Should you choose to keep the interior in good order, however, it is possible to avoid allergies and similar complications. Smooth new leather is far easier to keep clean of germs, and remember that leather is an organic material susceptible to rot and mould. 

Hard-wearing and durable leather

At New Again, we employ contemporary products in all of our efforts. These are hard-wearing, flexible, and soft. Furthermore, they have excellent coverage. This is what people expect from the top business specializing in vehicle leather connolising Chelmsford has.

Whether your interior is very worn or just slightly discoloured, rely on us to restore leather car seats. You are welcome to contact us if you have any questions or want to book a service.

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