The trouble with wet carpets and moisture

The trouble with wet carpets and moisture

When you get in your car you don't expect the interior to be wet and have a damp smell. Sadly there are a number of issues that can cause this. Fortunately, our team can help. We are the most skilful business providing water leak detection Chelmsford has. The techniques we use allow us to detect leaks efficiently and quickly.

Drying car wet carpets
Using a hot air blower to dry wet carpets.

It is possible for water to leak into your car in a number of ways. This includes broken seals around windows, the rubber around the windscreen, the door seal, membrane or weatherstrip, and even the heater or air conditioning. Sunroofs can also be a problem if the drain gets blocked. Locating and rectifying the source of your water leak is essential to preventing other problems.

Wet carpets

The most common sign that you have a water leak is a wet carpet. This can be a really unpleasant discovery, especially if the carpet is very squishy and waterlogged. People in the vehicle won't want to have their feet on the floor if they end up wet. The issue can also lead to worse problems, including mould and mildew. This can have an impact on the health and wellbeing of the driver and passengers. If the water leaks into the boot, it can damage any items you put here.

High humidity

Water leaking into your car can also cause high humidity, especially when the car warms up. This can make it very uncomfortable for passengers. Perhaps more importantly, it can damage the electrics. One common complication in cars with water leaks is computer failure.

Knowing about the issues above, you will want to deal with any leaks as soon as possible. Don't let the situation get worse and risk even more damage to the vehicle.

At New Again, we can help you find the source of the leaks if you are struggling to do so. In addition to handling the cause of the problem, we have the means to tackle mould and odours. We will dry your car off in the end as well and clean the interior, so it is in perfect condition.

If you need help from the top company offering interior water leak detection Chelmsford has, contact us. We work on a wide array of different makes and models, ensuring we have all the skills and experience we need.

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