Where is that water leak coming from?

Where is that water leak coming from?

New Again is the best provider of luxury car restoration Chelmsford has to offer. We have earned this reputation by assisting customers in a myriad of areas, including paint repair and pre-lease inspections.

Moisture inside a car invites mould to grow on surfaces such as seatbelts.

New Again is the best provider of luxury car restoration Chelmsford has to offer. We have earned this reputation by assisting customers in a myriad of areas, including paint repair and post-lease inspections.

An area where we truly excel is locating water leaks. It is common for cars to get water in places like the boot and in the footwells. We find the source of the problem, fix it, and also perform decontamination if necessary.

Locating water inside a car is not usually difficult. Finding out where it originally came from is a different matter, however. To help, we are going to look at some potential causes of the leakages.

Door membrane

The door membrane may be responsible. Typically, this is behind the door panel. It is typically a sheet of either thin foam or polythene. Water is capable of entering the door's body when it rains. Normally, it drains out of holes at the bottom of the door. If the membranes become torn or ruptured, water is able to run down behind them. It then soaks into the door panel and can end up in the footwell.

Door seal

The door seal could also be an issue. The rubber seals around the door's edge can allow leaks at times. It is possible for the seals to crack, split or perish. In these cases, water can get into your car. You can use a visual inspection to determine whether a seal is at fault.


Water will get in around the sunroof, but what is supposed to happen is that it goes into a drainage gutter and drain away through thin pipes which run down the window pillars. These drainage holes, pipes and outlets are easily blocked. Or the pipes can come loose or split. And the combination of these will cause your car to leak.

Leaking front & rear windscreens

It is common to see replacement windscreens to leak because they are not bonded in properly, but it's not limited to replacement screens. The sealants on factory fitted screens can perish over time and causes leaks.

Scuttle trough

There is usually some kind of tray under the windscreen, and it will have drainage holes to let water run away. These often get clogged with leaves and debris, causing it to fill up with water and overflow back through holes (which are supposed to be there) in the bulkhead. 

Air Vents

Many vehicles have air vents low down at the rear of the car so that when air comes in through the front, (your heater, air conditioner, open windows) the air can escape out the back. It is very common for these to come loose or for the seals to perish and leak. If you have very dirty water in your boot, this could be from water flicking up from the road and entering these vents. 

Air conditioning

You should keep an eye on the air conditioning too. You might spot a pool of water beneath your car after turning the system on. This is nothing to worry about. However, in some instances, the drain tube can end up getting blocked. The water will then make its way behind your dashboard and onto the front carpets.


Specific models with common problems.

We keep a knowledge base of vehicles and their leaks. Certain patterns emerge which help us find car leaks. More recently, we have been videoing our findings and posting them online. Please take a look and see if you can find your vehicle on 'Car Water Leaks Found'.

At New Again, we use a wide variety of methods to locate car leaks. The majority of cars will have a single leak. Yet, it is possible for several to occur at once. In either case, it is important to find the source and fix it before the water damages your interior.

If you need help from the top company excelling in luxury car restoration Chelmsford has, call us today. We can find water leaks on various prestige vehicles and offer reliable repairs.

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