Audi Q7 S line 2009 | leaking windscreen


Here we have an Audi Q7 S line which has got an original Audi window screen but with us doing a pressure test you can see that the top bond has perished or worn away which is now allowing water to ingress down the bulkhead.

If this had been a newly fitted windscreen, you would have issue with the windscreen company  and it's time to contact them.

This was an original windscreen and the bonding has over time aged and shrunk. Thankfull they won't need a new windscreen, but they will need to get it refitted. For many years we have wokred with CCS Windscreens who are just down the road from us. 

Improperly fitted windscreens is one of our top ten reasons for water leaks in cars, both front and back. Rear windscreens can leak too!

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