BMW 5 series 2015 | Water Leak


Water found in the foot-well area of a BMW 5. This is actually a common problem.

Here we have a BMW 5 series in for a water leak procedure and we have uncovered a common fault which is down to wear and tear on a blanking plate on the bulkhead through corrosion which is allowing water to come down the passenger side floor and make its way to the rear and soaking the carpets.

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Question: "My front carpets are wet on the passenger floor and up the hump bit in the middle of the car. There is a sticky sweet smell, any idea what it could be?"

Answer: It sounds likeit could be the air conditioner. It is rare for us to have to deal with leaky air conditioners in Britain because unlike other countries, people aren't driving around in the heat with them on most of the year, instead it rains a lot. Most of our work involves rain water leaks.

There are now lots of companies that deal with air conditioners, recharging them and changing filters, there should be one in your town.

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