BMW 6 Series 2004 | Water Leak Detection


This model of BMW has a swimming pool in the back, but it wasn't an optional extra.

The door membranes are leaking on both sides, but there seems to be a leak through the bulkhead. As we have seen in a couple of previous videos involving the BMW 6, when the drainage holes get blocked under the scuttle, water will leak through a blanking plate in the bulkhead. 

There appears to be some crash repair on the rear quarter which is letting water leak inside the panel which appears to rusting it from the inside-out. 

When you come to us for our water leak detection service, we always ask if the car has been involved in an accident because this can be a complication. The customer will be informed and how they proceed depends on the history of the car. The customer may have had the car repaired through an insurance approved body shop, or may have paid for it to be done themselves, in which case they should be able to go back and get this fixed. If the customer had recently bought the car through a dealership, likewise, they may be able to go back to them. However, if they get the car through a private sale then 'caveat emptor' may apply.

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