BMW 6 Series 2015 | Water Leak Found


A BMW with blocked drainage holes in the scuttle trough which is leaking in through a blanking plate. This video is practically identical to one we shot back in October.

Although Youtube might not like us being repetitive, it perfectly illustrates that this is not a unique problem.  This is really the whole reason for this video channel, because we keep seeing the same leaks in the same places.

Solution: That blanking plate will need to be resealed and the drainage holes need to be unblocked. This goes for all makes and model of car, leaf debris falling from trees gets down in that trough and and piles up in there over the summer and autumn, then when the rain comes in the winter, water which is supposed to run into that trough and drain away has to fight past a layer of dead leaves. The trough then fills up to a point where it finds another hole to escape through, usually through the bulkhead. The bulkhead has lots of holes in it for cables and pipes to run through so it will usually find a way. 

Car Water Leak Repair Service - London

Ca Water Leak Repair Sevice - London

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Question: "Do you have a branch in London? My car has a leak and I want to bring it to you but I work all week."

Answer: You could drive it to us on a Saturday and leave it with us. We are close to Chelmsford Railway Station and from there it's a short ride back into the heart of London. Alternatively, we can arrange for cars to be collected on a transporter.  

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