BMW 6 series 2008 | water leak part 1 of 3


We found multiple points where water could be getting in on this BMW. In this video we show that both door membranes are leaking although this doesn't seem to be causing any problems.

We will fix the leaky door membranes anyway as it really shouldn't do this and could lead to problems later.. 

Solution: Replace both door membranes and treat the rubbers around the door.

More leak issues are shown Part 2 and Part 3 of this video.

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Question: "This is the second BMW I have had with leaks. Is leaking a common problem on BMWs?"

Answer: It's a common problem on all cars. Drainage holes get blocked, rubber and plastic parts perish or harden, clips and grommets come loose. To us, it seems it seems worse on some cars than others but it can be hard to tell. Do we see more leaks on one car because those cars have lots of leaks or because there are lots of those cars? Having said that, there are definitely some known problems we keep seeing but BMW wouldn't be in the top ten of leaky cars. 

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