Citroën DS3 Sportif 2013 | Water Leak Detection


This Citroën has a leak from the panel above the screen which is leaking water down the A-pillar down to the carpet on the driver's side floor panel.

Solution: It's not immediately apparent how to fix this leak. This panel probably comes off which is what we will do if the customer gives us the go-ahead to do the work on this car. Cleaning it up and reviving the rubber seals may fix it, it may be some body-sealant on seams has come away... I'm sure it's not a difficult fix. We will then dry the car, and although it has already been decontaminated with an anti-microbial, it looks like there is some mould on the bottom of the rear seat which requires some attention.

It also appears that somebody has removed a bung from the bottom of the floor pan, almost certainly to allow water to drain out of the bottom. Over the years we have seen this kind of thing a number of times, we have also seen people drill holes to let water out, or even bash holes through with a hammer and nail. For the record, we don't recommend this as a solution!

Many of the leaks we find are caused by water spraying up from the road, so making holes in the bottom of your car is never going to work.

Automotive Water Leak Testing

Automotive Water Leak Testing


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Question: "Do you guarantee my car will be waterproof?"

Answer: We can only guarantee the work we carry out. There are hundreds of places your car could leak and any one of them could spring a new leak some time in the future. 

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