Ford B-Max 2012 | Part 1 | Water Leak Detection


This Ford B-Max suffers from the same problem that many Fords suffer from which is that the rear vents leak. However this car also has a leak which will be specific to this particular vehicle.

At some point this car has had some crash damage and been repaired, leaving a couple of small holes in a seam which is letting in water which splashes up from the road.

If you have a Ford B-Max with a leak, it's unlikely you have this problem but it does go to show that it's worth checking for additional problems and not just stopping at the obvious.

Solution: We will replace the rear vents with flexible new ones which solve that problem. The weld can be sealed with a good quality sealant inside and out. There isn't any reason for us to believe that these two holes indicate any kind of structural and it doesn't need to be re-welded.  

Water Leak Detection Service - London & Essex

Water Leak Detection Service - London


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Question: "I am interested in your cabriolet roof cleaning service, but do you also clean mould from the inside of the roof?"

Answer: Cars with convertible roofs are more prone to leaks than other cars. When the hood is closed, there are all sorts of rubber seals that need to be clean and snug fitting. There's also additional drainage systems which can get blocked up. It sounds to me like your car has a leak which is letting in water which causes a nice damp environment for mould to grow. Mould is something which should be taken seriously, so we'd recommend fixing any leaks and drying the car, otherwise the mould will just grow back.  

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