Ford B-Max 2012 | Part 2 | Water Leak Detection


The second part of the video on this leaking Ford B-Max showing the extent of the water damage and where it is coming from.

Solution: The rear air vents will be replaced with new ones, the holes in the weld will be sealed and then we will need to dry the car. There's a lot of water in this one and the seats will have to come out so we can lift the carpet and extract the water underneath. 

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Question: "My carpets are wet but it feels soapy and there is a sweet sticky smell."

Answer: That sounds like it might be a coolant leak. You should take that to your local garage, as they should be able to track down where it's coming from. Unfortunately, coolant is designed not to evaporate so drying out your car will be harder and it's likely it will need to be washed out. You could always give us a call.  

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