Ford Fiesta 2009 | Water Leak Found


Standard stuff on this Ford Fiesta. The sealant which is on the spot-welded seals around the tail-gate hinges has cracked and is letting in water.

The rear air vents behind the bumper are also leaking. The seals on these perish and sometimes the flaps become weak, or they can just get dirty. Both these problems are common to both the Fiesta and Focus. 

We can also see that where fords have waterproofed the car with paper-tape, this has come off and is letting in water. No, it isn't April 1st, that really is a thing on some cars. A rubber grommet might cost a few pennies, but  paper tape is far cheaper, so as they are making millions of cars they can save hundreds of thousands of pounds. Maybe this is good news if you are a shareholder, not so great if you are a car owner. I'm not supposed to rant in the descriptions of these videos, but things like this rustle my jimmies.

Solution: We will put some new sealant around the seams, replace or reseal the rear air vents depending on their condition. And we will find some grommets to go in those holes. 

The car will have been treated and decontaminated by this point, we always do this before working on a car. Then the car will be dried. 

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Water leak repair, detection and drying.

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