Ford Fiesta 2009 | Broken Weld


Ford Fiesta rainwater finding its way inside the car ending up in the boot as well as under the carpets in the cabin area.

This is a video showing you where the water leak was actually found and where the water was getting in to the car - it gets in through the seams around the boot. Possibly the welding is coming loose. It is fixed by sealing and won't need to be re-welded.

This seems to be a common cause of car water leaks on both Ford Focus and Fiesta. 

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Question: "I had my door apart to fix a water leak, now my electric windows don't work, could water be the cause?"

Answer: It isn't enough to find and fix the leak, you really need to dry the car otherwise you have a damp environment that cause cause corrosion and electrical problems. Drying the car is an essential part of the process.

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