Ford Fiesta 2010 | Water Leak Detection


Leaking rear air vent and the issue with the blanking tape, and the cracked welded seams at and above the tail gate hinges, so essentially exactly the same as the last leaking Ford Fiesta we did.

The solution is the same too. We'll seal up the seams and the gaskets around the rear air vents, and find a rubber grommet for the whole that Ford decided to seal with paper tape.

Decontamination was done when the car was brought to us, so after repairs we dried the car and this customer took advantage of our special offer, so the car got a bit of a makeover.

Question: "This is a disgrace, shouldn't Ford issue a recall?"

Answer: These issues seem to occur when a car is eight to twelve years old, and many of the issues are same across manufacturers. Sealing holes with paper tape seems to be a Ford thing, as are the cracked seams, none of these are immediately dangerous, and the timescale is a little late for a recall... not that we have the ear of Ford anyway.

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