Ford Focus 2011 | Water Leak Found


This Ford Focus has wet carpets and water in the spare wheel well in the boot, so the customer brought the car to us to find the leaks.

There is a lot of debris which has built up over the scuttle, this can lead to the drainage holes in the trough at the back of the engine compartment getting blocked, which in turn leads to it filling with water until it leaks through the bulkhead. In this case there don't seem to be any problems, but those dead leaves need to be cleaned out, and we would recommend everybody does this on any car especially through the autumn, or just when you check your oil and water... you do check your oil and water don't you?

One of the rear door membranes is leaking through the bottom of the door, and the rear air vents are leaking on both sides. We can also see the cracks that are beginning to appear around the seams near the boot hinges, although they aren't leaking yet. 

Solution: Clear the leaves out of the scuttle. We would recommend replacing all the door membranes as they all perish at the same rate, so the others are likely to start leaking soon. We would reseal the rear air vents and those rubber grommets. We'd put some sealant over the welding seams near the hinges -- you don't have to worry that the welds are coming apart, the spot-welds are still strong, it is just the sealant they put over them which has cracked. As usual, we would recommend the car be decontaminated and properly dried.

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