Ford focus 2012 | Water Leak Detection


Another Ford Focus water leak video. Yes, we know they all look pretty much the same but our primary purpose for this channel is to document leaks, we as a company find on individual vehicles.

We have a leaking door membrane on the driver's side and the usual problem with both rear air vents leaking, so the water gets in, floods the boot, then leaks down onto the rear floor pans until there is no more room there. Then it leaks into the front.

Solution: Replace all four door membranes with nice new ones. Replace the air vents. Dry the car. (The car has already been decontaminated for mould and fungus before we start work on the car).

Is water leaking inside your Ford Focus when it rains?

Rain water leaking inside Ford Focus.

If you have watched our videos, by now you probably know where your Focus is leaking. But how will you get it dry? We find and fix leaks then leave your car a dry as a bone.

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Question: "My Focus is soaked, I'm sure I have one of these leaks --  where to begin?.

Answer: With cars like a Ford Focus, we would recommend doing it all. We have done enough of these to know where they begin to leak and at roughly what age. We do our inspection to make sure there are no surprises like a leaking replacement screen or leaks from bodywork damage, and we track down the 'actual' leaks, but we would still recommend you replace door membranes and rear air vents even if they aren't found to be leaking. They tend to start to leak somewhere between 8 and 10 years old, so while we have your car in bits, it might as well be done as relatively, these are not expensive parts to replace.  

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