Ford Focus 2012 | water leak found


Another Ford focus here at New Again for our water leak 28 point check. This focus has had some rear accident damage which is contributing to the water ingress.

Poorly fitted rear light and the common problem with leaky recirculation vents located low in the rear bumper are the reasons this car is suffering with ingress.

The passenger rear light has been re-installed incorrectly after repair causing the water to find a channel down a wire from the light cluster. 
As you will see in the video we use a camera which allows us access to areas that we can’t physically see.

Typically the reason why we get this age of Ford Focus  in with us is because the rear recirculating vents fail causing water to build up in a low box section which in turn then leaks  into the cabin footwells saturating the vehicle underlay. 

Solutions to fix this leak: We will remove the rear lights make good, reseal re fit and retest.
We will also replace the faulty vents and reseal to make them watertight
The carpet and underlay will be removed so we can decontaminate and dry the car and make it safe for the customer to drive again. 

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Question: "It hasn't rained for weeks, why is the floor of my car always wet?"

Answer: Once rain water leaks in, the only way it can find it's way out if through evaporation and here in the South East of England it rains more than it shines. And you would be surprised how much water is under your carpets. The foam that covers the front floor area can be six inches thick in places, and we have on occassions pulled eight gallons out of a car. The only way to dry your carpets is to first make sure you have found and fixed ALL the leaks, then lift the carpet and dry it using hot air blowers and dehumidifiers. 

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