Ford Focus 2013 | Water Leak Detection


This Focus had our inspection and despite the very wet carpets, this car didn't have a multitude of leaks like some other cars of this model have.

All the standard places were checked for leaks, and it was only those rear air vents which were leaking.

You may be wondering why air vents at the very back of the car cause the carpets to be wet in the front of the car? The water leaks into the box section at the back and then flows down-hill to the lowest point.

Although the door membranes aren't leaking at the moment, we will recommend they are replaced anyway because we find they tend to start leaking after about 7-8 years and this car is approaching its 9th birthday. They don't always leak, but it's a fairly safe bet. 

Rain Water Leak Detection Service

Rain Water Leak Detection Service

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