Ford Focus 2013 | Water Leak Found


A Ford Focus with water leaking from the doors and into the boot. This car didn't give us any surprises, there were no leaks from poorly fitted screens or accident damage. Just the usual issues.

I had to check! In fact, I had to check twice that this isn't the same car found here.

This is actually a different vehicle. Same colour, same upholstery and exactly the same leaks in the same places, in the same week!

Solution: The problem is a leaking door membrane, we will replace all four with new ones. And leaking rear air vents. We'll replace these too. Then the car will need to be dried.

Ford Focus Water Leak Repair.

Rain water leak repair for Ford Focus.

We are getting pretty good at these! We have done more than a few. If you have a leaking Ford Focus we can provide expert repairs then after we have fixed your leak, we can dry your car.

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Question: "How much do all these parts cost?"

Answer: It depends on where you get them and who you are. When it comes to the door membranes, we buy plastic sheeting in bulk and make our own. We get a trade discount when we buy the air vents, and we keep the price low for our customers. Our background is in decontamination, and we earn our pay from that and drying cars.

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