Ford Focus Estate 2009 | Rain Water Leak Detection


This Ford Focus has many of the usual leaks we expect to find on a Focus, lots of rain water leaking into the boot, plus a leaking windscreen.

The rear air vents are leaking, and we show this on many other videos so if you want more details go look out our Ford playlist. James demonstrates how the foam sound insulation inserts are soaked in water, and you can see black mould spores.

Solution: This car will have to go off to a screen company to have the screen refitted properly. As per usual, we will replace the rear air vents, and we will also get a replacement door rubber for the passenger side. We often refurbish rubbers, but this one is particularly badly distorted.

The cracking of the sealant around the door hinges can be fixed by resealing them, although we will have to take the roof runners out to do this properly. With all this done the car can be dried out.

Ford Focus Water Leak Repair & Detection

Water leaking inside Ford Focus


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Question: "I see you do a lot of Ford Focus. I have just about had enough of Ford, is it even worth doing?"

Answer: We do a lot of Fords, but there are a lot of them about. We also do a lot of Golfs for much the same reason, and they suffer many of the same problems. Of the cars that make us roll our eyes, I probably wouldn't put a Ford Focus in the top five.

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