Ford Mondeo 2010 Water | Rain Water Leak (part 1)


There is still a water leak to find which will explain the water in the boot, but the water in all four floorpans seems to be explained by leaky door membranes.

If you're a regular viewer to this channel (and I doubt we have any regular viewers) you'd know that door membranes are a really common cause of rain water leaks on all cars as they start to shrink or the adhesive perishes after about 8-9 years. 

Solution: Replace all four door membranes by fabricating new ones.

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Question: "I have bad condensation in my car and some water in my boot, but just a tiny amount. I can hear water sloshing from the engine compartment but only occasionally which i have been told is probably fuel. How much would it cost for me to sort this out."

Answer: We do an inspection, so we can find out and give you an estimate as to the cost of drying the cars and any repairs. The sloshing water sounds like the drainage holes on the scuttle are blocked, and it's filling up with water, so there wouldn't likely be a repair cost to this, we would just clean out the debris and unblock them as part of the inspection process. So this kind of thing wouldn't cause you additional cost, however this is unlikely to explain the water you are finding in the boot, so you probably have additional leaks. This is why we recommend an inspection. We never really know what we will find until we start investigating. 

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