Ford Transit Connect 2017 | Another Water Leak


We found a leaking seam letting in water on this Ford Transit.

You can see we are using a remote camera to look behind the panels and James managed to find a seam that leaks.

 Another secret leak on the Ford transit connect which is in the back box section below rear passenger light which you can see on our Flexi camera that there is an ingress of water on a welded seem  so we have had to chase seem out clean primer and re-seal to stop the water filling up the box sections in the back of the van.

We Have the technology, we can find that leak!

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Question: "The passenger side of my car's floor is wet after it rains. I have a convertible roof and think it's coming down the window pillar. Is this anything to worry about?"

Answer: This is quite common on cabriolet hoods and nothing to worry about unless you have a Porsche, then you should panic. 

Usually the fittings of the hood need a good clean out and the rubbers gently massaged with a special product we have that softens the rubber back up and helps it go back into it's original shape. Usually this fixes matters and if not, it's possible to order a set or replacement rubbers which doesn't cost the earth... except on Porsches. They can be relatively quite expensive on some cars but some cars are relatively quite expensive, so nothing to worry about.

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