Ford Focus 2013 | Water Leak Part 1 | Rear Air Vents


Here we are again with another Ford Focus with leaks in those rear air vents behind the bumper. The last Focus we showed you was an estate while this is the standard shape but they all suffer the same problem and leak in the same places with the water running through the box section and wetting the floors in the front and back.

The air vents have a silicone seal which becomes hard and inflexible with age, dirt starts getting behind it causing the seal to leak.

Solution: These air vents will be replaced, the area cleaned of dirt, ensuring a good seal. The we will remove the seats, lift the carpets, extract the water and dry the car. The car also has some mould which needs to be dealt with.

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Question: "My Ford Focus leaks in exactly the same way. Ford should do a recal and fix this problem".

Answer: We couldn't possibly comment on what Ford should do. But we do know they have slightly changed the design of the air vents which means replacement parts shouldn't leak in the future. 

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